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Where is Sean Biggerstaff?!?! [18 Feb 2010|06:50am]

Does anyone know what Sean has been up to? I know he's filmed "Hippie Hippie Shake," but what else has he been up to? And why doesn't he update his website?! Sometimes I think he doesn't appreciate his fans. I paid $10 bucks not including train fair to New York City to see "Cashback" for crying out loud!!! >:-O
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Cashback Question [22 Dec 2009|01:46pm]

So after watching the movie, I downloaded the soundtrack.

Or at least, what I THOUGHT was the soundtrack.
Apparently there's a soundtrack and then an additional score.

All I found was what IMDb said the soundtrack was.

Then, when I went on the official site, everything that was playing was completely different!
Does anyone know the names of the songs on the site or where I could find that out????

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

New Member! [20 Dec 2009|10:13am]

[ mood | loved ]

I just joined this group five seconds ago. Yay!

I watched Cashback twice yesterday, and LOVED IT.

It was so awesome and I was just happy to see lovely Sean on screen.
Downloading the soundtrack right now. :3

HP 1&2 were on ABCFamily two weeks ago and I was a very happy camper. ^_^ Oliver teaching Harry Quidditch is the CUTEST THING EVER. <3

I've also been trying to find more of his movies online, like X On a Map. Does anyone have it or know where I can find it? It looks awesome!

For those of you who are unaware, Seanie was on a Doctor Who webcast! It's awesome. It's the classic DW in cartoon form, and Sean plays a student at university named Chris. It's so cool because his character looks a lot like he used to (long shaggy hair. Mmmmm...) Anyway. It can be found here http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho/classic/webcasts/shada/

Sit back, relax, and let his sexy sexy Scottish brogue wash over you. XD


[13 Oct 2008|08:24pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hello all, I just joined this fantastic LJ group XD
I found this awesome icon and would love anyone who could tell me who made it...cause anyone who made this deserves my highest praise :)

lol I know right...makes me lightheaded just looking at it *sighs*

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Cashback icons [03 Jun 2008|02:50pm]


[45] Robert Pattinson
[25] Cashback
[24] MTV Movie Awards (Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart)
[15] Movie posters
[10] Thirteen
[10] Twilight
[10] Alice in Wonderland
[08] Twilight Set
[05] Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


[08] Saint Seiya
[04] Naruto
[04] Manga
[02] Vampire Knight


[10] Stock photos (cities)
[02] Final Fantasy
[02] Kristen Stewart
[02] Sean Biggerstaff
[01] Legend of Zelda

[188] Total


Here @ souai

Hiya! [13 May 2008|11:27am]

[ mood | crazy ]

I'm new here - and I'm a big fan of Sean too.  I'm Rachelle, 16, and I love anime's, HP and Sean. :P

Glad to be here.. :))

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Consenting Adults [05 Jan 2008|03:04pm]

I thought that you guys just might be interested... And try to manage with my English skills.

I just watched this BBC film Consenting Adults(released 5th September 2007). Sean Biggerstaff has a role as a homosexual young man, Jeremy Wolfenden(so it's based on true story). He even won "Best Actor - Television" in the The British Academy of Film & Television Arts in Scotland Awards as Wolfenden. In a nutshell:

"This is the biography of John Wolfenden's personal and professional struggle to reform the British law concerning homosexuality." (taken from imdb.com)

So, I took some screencaps! I'm so sorry about the bad quality, but I hope that you'll enjoy. :)

PicsCollapse )

There you go. Oh, and I just love that hair on him. ♥
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Yum! [20 Dec 2007|09:35pm]

[03] Dumbo Icons
[04] Stephen Colbert Quote Icons
[05] My Chemical Romance Icons
[02] My Chemical Romance Banners
[02] Disney Banners
[01] Cashback Tutorial




Today we'll go from: to: in three easy steps.


Seven Cashback Icons [29 Oct 2007|09:15pm]

10 Harry Potter Icons
07 Cash Back (Sean Biggerstaff)
02 Amanda Bynes
10 Gaspard Ulliel
01 Mr. Rogers Banner


HERE at masked_lovex

Sean Picspam [06 Oct 2007|12:32am]

At my journal: H E R E


[01 Jul 2007|07:42pm]
Some cashback icons I was meaning to post earlier, but shame on me.


a couple more under the cutCollapse )

you know how it is:
No hotlinking.
Credit is nice.
Comments are more than welcome.
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Seeing as its The Ides of March in Scotland. [14 Mar 2007|10:48pm]
Happy Birthday Sean Biggerstaff

Wow. He's 24!

On another note if anybody's seen the feature length version of Cashback, I am rather jealous. I was suppose to go see it this Friday, but silly Cinema Clock is crazy!

Oh, but I was watching some things on the Cashback myspace and I watched the first making of video. has anybody else realized how cute his run is when he's playing (North American) Soccer?
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[12 Feb 2007|05:57pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hello Fellow Sean Biggerstaff fans :)
I was looking through my lj and noticed something on the Leaky cauldron syndicated feed.....An interview with Sean Biggerstaff about Cashback,  Harry Potter and life after the HP Movies. It's not actually all on the Leaky Cauldron itself. It's actually on the scotsman newspaper website.
Just thought I would add the link here and give everyone a chance to look at it since there seems to be a lack of Sean updates at the moment.....hope you guys don't mind <333



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cashback [11 Feb 2007|02:22pm]

so no new post recently, but the first five min of cashback is on the myspace page, along with many behind the scenes clips. Also sundance will be airing the short at 2:30 AM.

Equilibrium Trailer - 12/12 [03 Dec 2006|12:45am]

Please turn up your volume.

Video rated PG.

Commencing December 9th 2006.
Special journal-only previews until then.
Friend NC-17 version here. Friend PG-13 version here.
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More "Cashback" pics... [11 Nov 2006|10:32pm]

There are more pics from "Cashback" up at Sean's official site. They're in the "Shots of Sean" section and they start at about row 17. There are a total of 6 pics from Cashback in there now.
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Questions #19 [10 Nov 2006|10:21pm]

Sean has answered another set of questions. You can read Q&A Number #19 at his official site by clicking here.
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[08 Nov 2006|11:55pm]

This is my first post, and because i want to give you something , i give you 25 icons with Sean. ( the post includes allso icons with Simon Baker and Anne Hathaway, and "Sky High"). Enjoy :)

Teaser :

1 2 3

for the rest folow the link at my LJ

Sean Video up at Google [07 Nov 2006|09:16pm]


Interview clip at AFI (Got the link off of Sean's site.)

Watch the clip here.

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2 more pics of Sean at Getty Images.... [04 Nov 2006|11:38pm]

Here and here.

I adore that guy but I really want to shave his neck. Argh.

ETA: Also, another pic of Sean from Cashback at Sean's site here, with more to come.
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